Shenandoah Valley Coalition for Christ



Our Code of Ethics:

  1. We will seek in all ways to be Christ-like in our attitude and conduct.
  2. We will seek mutual accountability and spiritual friendships.
  3. We will be a brother /sister in Christ to all.
  4. We will never violate a confidence.
  5. We will provide a fair price in our Business or Organization.
  6. We will provide high quality services and products with punctuality.
  7. We will not speak uncharitably of anyone.
  8. We will consider our Network as a ministry to introduce people to Christ.
  9. We will devote time to seeking the will of God through diligent Bible Study and prayer.
  10. We will conduct business with integrity and according to Biblical Principles.
  11. We will seek to resolve conflicts through a Biblically-based conciliation approach.
  12. We will seek to provide spiritual support for our community and beyond.

Our Network places emphasis on high integrity in conduct and professionalism to ensure a high level of trust in our Organizations and Business practices. We agree to operate according to Biblical principles.

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