Shenandoah Valley CBIN Association, Inc

We are a Non Profit Coalition Serving our Community

Family Fun Fest - Community Resource Carnival -  Touch-a-Truck 

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Who Is    ShenCoCares/SVCC?

Welcome to ShenCoCares/SVCC -Shenanodoah Valley CBIN Assocation Inc.

‚ÄčThe Shenandoah Valley CBIN Association Inc.t/a ShenCoCares - Family Fun Fest, is a dedicated Network of Non-Profit Organizations, Individuals, Community Leaders and Businesses who have joined together to use our resources, gifts, talents, and time to make  a positive impact in our Communities. The corporation functions as much as possible with volunteers, not only to minimize expenses, but to demonstrate to the community the spirit of working together for the common good of the community.  ShenCoCares promotes activities that are enjoyed and enjoyable for both men and woman, young and young at heart . The Corporation is organized exclusively for the charitable purposes of enhancing our citizens and no part of its earnings shall benefit of any individual or entity.

Who Are We??  

                          *** ShenCoCares is:   (YOU our volunteers, Our Community partners & Neighbors.)

We provide family friendly activities, seminars, net-working, co-op fundraising events, luncheons and more that are enjoyable for men, women and children, young and young at heart. ShenCoCares/SVCC along with our Community partners will strive to provide family friendly activities and events.

Our Goal:

Work with our Community partners to ensure that not one of our citizens should ever need to be by the roadside asking for help.  Shenanodah County boasts THE Greatest collaboration of Organizations to help out citizens in the surrounding areas and we want to be the bridge between (Need and Assistance) in Shenandoah County and beyond.

Long Term Goals

* To have a Community Resource Office and provide a information of ALL Resources to our Citizens.

*To work with other organizations to provide a Community Center for our youth - Olympic pool -homeless shelter.  

*To build a Convention and Welcome Center to host events.

Our Mission & Vision Statement:

   SVCC/ShenCoCares a Non-Profit Coalition,  will be the Bridge between Need and Assistance by partnering with  Non Profit Organizations, Individuals, Businesses and Community Leaders.  ShenCoCares will be good Stewards of the financial and physical support we receive for  those in need in our County and Beyond.